New Game Pass Tier Without Day-One Releases Sounds a Lot Like PS Plus Extra

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The costs of launching AAA games on PS Plus and Game Pass are staggering

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new Xbox Game Pass ‘Standard’ tier without day-one releases, and it sounds an awful lot like PS Plus Extra. In fact, it costs the same too. When it rolls out, Game Pass Standard will cost $14.99 per month, with the promise of “hundreds of high quality games on console.”

Launching games on services like PS Plus and Game Pass is expensive

We’ve previously ruffled some feathers by mentioning that Sony has the right approach when it comes to day-one releases on subscription services. The company, especially former PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, pointed out on numerous occasions that the Game Pass model — as it was at the time — is unsustainable due to the costs of video game development, among other factors. Time and time again, they’re proven right.

To be clear, Microsoft will continue to offer day-one games on Game Pass via the Ultimate tier, which has now received a price increase. In an effort to expand its audience rather than squeezing money out of its existing members, the company is advertising that an Xbox isn’t required to play its games via the Ultimate tier. Simply get a subscription.

Microsoft is advertising its new Game Pass Standard subscription with practically the same promise as Sony’s when it comes to PS Plus Extra: “hundreds” of games, access to online multiplayer, and exclusive discounts and deals.

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